At Nass & Guild, we've been working with suppliers and customers of blockchain technologies and crypto-assets for years, advising on issues such as smart contracts, open-source software exploitation, disputes, and ICOs and IDOs. We're excited about the future of blockchain and how we can help clients apply its potential to change their industry for the better.

Nass and Guild, is one of the young and fast-growing Blockchain technology legal & regulation consulting firms based in London, United Kingdom, and Delhi, India. Since 2016, we have advised various cryptocurrency exchanges, gaming, metaverse, and crypto hedge funds on legal & regulation framework issues. Our clients come from across the globe, especially from Uk, Hongkong, Korea, and Vietnam. Our London team is 100% dedicated to blockchain technology legal & regulation framework consulting.

At handling multiple blockchain projects frameworks across the globe. We aim to provide a hassle-free ride experience. We are the first and the largest new generation Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products/services via ICO/IDO offering. We aim to promote cryptocurrency adaption & blockchain technology for the greater good. Our Blockchain consulting services include a professional team with ample experience in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Internet finance.



Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework

Our advisory team expert is an experienced team in DLT ICO Regulatory framework & Sandbox Compliance structure. We aim to build transparent ICO offering in the blockchain and crypto space that remain self-assured to play their part in this globally transformative technology to benefits its contributor. Our services include incorporation setup and banking framework, and regulatory license for ICO Offering.

Formulation & Coin Economics

We consult Decentralise businesses in ICO concept formulation. We are a strong team of experienced professionals that assist your business ideas into business projections and prepare your ideas to meet the market needs. Our teams will help you prepare ICO that sound realistic, transparent and practical crypto concepts that help win the trust of investors and contributors to have business confidence.

White paper IPR Protection

Project white papers include Intellectual Property (IP), especially most ICO have Utility Patent portfolio, product commercialization, coin offering strategy, the basis of product differentiation, and how they harness the blockchain technology concerning their Patent/IP portfolio is a strong indicator of how they create entry barriers. Most of the entrepreneurs overlook this and allow HNI backed ICO's project to copy their innovation license for free, especially by putting white paper on Github (open-source platform).

Smart Contract & Blockchain Tech Services

Our team of experienced programmers will work with you on smart contract deployment, as well as provide a comprehensive audit to ensure smooth & secure passage during your ICO Token issue & distribution securely. .